Hello, and welcome to our ever-growing urban wildscape in Austin, Texas. Our former dry, empty yard is being transformed into something colorful, thriving, and busy with wildlife. Well, it didn't start out entirely empty -- the yard did come with lots of weeds and rock-filled, clay-heavy soil.

I'm all about organic, sustainable wildlife gardening -- yes, that's compost under my nails. To benefit the most wildlife, I plant drought-hardy native central Texas plants, and I aim for diversity. That way, my restored ecosystem can support many species, from tiny creatures in the soil to birds in the trees. Lizards, earthworms, toads, frogs, birds, dragonflies, spiders, butterflies, and more are our delightful daily visitors or full-time residents.

We grow fruits and veggies, too -- after all, gardening makes you hungry!

Aside from my gardening world at Great Stems, I am a Capital Area Master Naturalist, a Habitat Steward and training host for the National Wildlife Federation, and a member of the Travis Audubon Urban Habitat Committee. I have been a guest several times on Central Texas Gardener, and I am a former team author for Beautiful Wildlife Garden. In addition, I work to restore native habitats and to create outdoor learning opportunities at local schools.

Teaching about native plants and wildlife habitats is my passion. I frequently give presentations to schools, scout troops, gardening groups, businesses, and more. To have me speak to your group or to write an article, please contact me at the e-mail address below.