Pond plants at last!

We’ve waited so long for this… we finally finished the pond enough to get plants in the water! Among the selection, I chose the water lilies Pink Sparkle and Perry’s Baby Red, along with a fun Fiber Optic plant. In the filter falls, I placed Ruby Red Runner and Lemon Bacopa. My friend Kim gave me another baby lily, a Pickerel Weed, and an umbrella plant from her Houston pond (thanks for transporting them all the way here, too, Kim!), and a Taro plant came from, I think, the guy who gave us all the rocks — the plant was kept alive for months by my dear neighbor Jan.  

plantsinpond.jpgBut we are thrilled — the pond looks so different with the plants. View the latest details on the pond contruction here.

My son took a picture of his baby bell pepper, along with pictures of two of our dogs. That’s the puppy’s snout pushing up from the bottom of the pic, like Jaws.



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