A New Use for Vinegar

When your son doesn’t pay attention and adds dishwashing liquid to the dishwasher instead of detergent — yes, you know what that means — here’s a tip:

After cleaning up as much bubble mess as you can (i.e. the floor, so you can get to the dishwasher), pour vinegar into the dishwasher. It helps break up the bubbles, and you get far less foaming.

I’m adding it to the list.

Well, I’d been meaning to run vinegar through the dishwasher anyway. Guess now was as good a time as any. Well, better, actually!  🙂

6 thoughts on “A New Use for Vinegar

  1. Oh my! Did that seriously just happen to you? I feel your pain…that happened to me once, too. It foamed EVERYWHERE and spilled from my dishwasher. Wish I had known about vinegar back then! Thanks for the “list”.

  2. It did indeed happen this afternoon, Miss Daisy. Luckily, my son (the accidental culprit) noticed that the dishwasher was foaming right away, so it could have been much worse than it was. We had a few rounds of cleaning up the suds on the floor, but at least it wasn’t all over the kitchen!

  3. Vinegar for weeds. What a great tip. To look on the bright of foaming dishwashers, at least it meant your son washed the kitchen floor. Yan (speculatively eyeing dandelions and some ancient white wine vinegar).

  4. Vinegar is my weed killer of choice for areas to big to hand pull. Is there anything vinegar can’t do? I have enjoyed reading your blog, and think your photos are amazing!

  5. Jenny, thanks for visiting! I laugh at myself for how much I use vinegar — through most of my life I hated the smell with a passion, but now the smell means I’m using vinegar for a purpose, so I’ve gotten used to it. I think I have bottles of it in three rooms now, for easy access, ha!

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