Lo and Behold, It’s Snow

As I look at the weather report here in Austin, I see that we are expected to have some rather low temperatures in a few days. There’s a chance of snow, according to the weather folks, but here in Austin, we follow the weather motto of “we’ll believe it when we see it.” However, up in Dallas a few days ago, when visiting grandparents, we really did get to see snow. And even throw a snowball or two! It was beautiful.



winterc12-29-09.jpgAt a nearby pond, ducks swam in the cold, cold water. This duck rested on shore with snow gently landing on its back, until it decided I was too close for comfort and swam off to join its friends.

Grover at first didn’t care for the snow, but soon enough he was catching it in his mouth, much like his human family was doing.

He also enjoyed playing catch the snowball. Well, once.

My dad’s satellite dish created an image under the snow, almost like a sun that’s lost its heat.

The snow and ice lingered for less than a day, but it was enough to make us content that we’d at last experienced a real winter day.


And then it melted just in time for us to continue our journey to another Texas town to see more of our family. Now, back in Austin, we wonder what winter weather moves our way. Snow? Ice? Certainly cold. Brrrr. Hot chocolate time.


9 thoughts on “Lo and Behold, It’s Snow

  1. i love snow..:) not enough to move way north, but enough to just love it when we do get the occasional winter weather here…i hope it does snow! heheh
    hope you had a good holiday season meredith!!! happy new year..:)

  2. So fun! Wish we had been there with you! That weather has moved east, so now we have snow too. For days we’ve had highs below 30. Brrr. This morning when I went out to check out the scenery in the 17 degree weather, Romeo (who NEVER wants to be left out of any activity) looked at me like I was crazy. He sat down just inside the door and refused to follow. Doggy needs a coat? Some of the plants look like they need one, too.

  3. I bet it’s gorgeous, that snow in Tennessee. Yes, the dogs enjoy weather cool enough to make them frisky and playful, but when it’s TOO cold, they won’t stay outside for a moment longer than necessary!

  4. Meredith…looks like you had a busy, but fun, holiday.
    We lived in Dallas County all our lives….suffice it to say, that was a few years. Never once, did we have a White Christmas.
    We move away, and they have one. We did have snow…just not for Christmas.
    But, I’m still glad we’re down here, now. Maybe we’ll have some here.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice snow shots! Almost (but not quite) makes me miss Alaska and a’real’ white Christmas. Naaaa, the sun will be out soon and
    I’ll be out on a walk! Happy New Year!

  6. how fun for you!!!
    We recently got about 2 feet – it’s mostly melted, but there are huge piles of gray snow on curbs and corners. Cars are covered with a salt film. Looks like you got all the beauty without the mess! 🙂

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