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Cat over at Amlo Farms in her latest post dared me, and by me I mean all of us, to participate in One Small Change, a great idea that comes from the inspiration of Suzy at Hip Mountain Mama, and it’s all about changing little habits or doing little things that will have positive green impact. Make one small change each month through Earth Day (April 22) and post about it. More than 200 people worldwide are already participating, including a whole 5th-grade class (well done!). Well, I’m up to that dare, Cat and Suzy! This month is actually filled with goals for me — I’m involved in some large habitat projects at the moment but I decided that they don’t count as “small” changes because they are big ones! And we already do so much in our daily lifestyle that is eco-wise, so I had to give this some thought. And here’s what I’ve come up with — yes, it’s three, not one. I can’t count, apparently (okay, two were already in the works, but I included them).

The first is to get the last of the invasive nandinas off my property this weekend, in time for bulk plant pickup by the city (we’re removing all the berries first). Two, I have some old paint cans and whatnot left over from my “I didn’t know better” days — these I will get to the hazardous waste facility and say goodbye forever. And three, I will learn more about organic gardening products so that I can offer organic solutions when people have pests, want to fertilize, or otherwise want to get their yard healthy. It’s one thing for me to say “go organic,” but to be able to offer actual solutions will help bring the idea back to earth, so to speak.  🙂

What are some other ideas? The possibilities are endless! Switching to better lightbulbs (such as compact fluorescent), reusing bags at stores, avoiding dusting sprays and non-natural air fresheners, using more cloth instead of paper towels, stop buying bottled water, conserving rain water, purchase green energy, reduce car usage, adjusting your thermostat to use less energy, taking things to a recycling center when your city doesn’t offer at-home pick-up for items, and so on, donating items you don’t use anymore, checking craigslist and freecycle before you buy something, and finding a way to reuse something you might otherwise have thrown away. Little things, but they mean a lot!

6 thoughts on “Making that One Small Change

  1. My tip is to try not to have food waste.
    Since this is now part of the collection for recycling it has made me even more aware of what is thrown out and so far for the last month the only food waste has been a few chicken bones. Any vegetable peelings go in the compost a few scaps go in the dog and other left overs are frozen or put in the fridge for another meal.
    So far I am very proud of my achievements.

  2. That’s a fabulous tip — food waste is a big one. Composting has been very rewarding for us this year. Did I understand you right — does your city pick up food waste for recycling? If so, that’s fantastic! I look forward to that being a regular part of a city’s recycling.

  3. oh yay!! so glad you jumped on the train with us..hehe
    we definitely compost and or give to the chickens who provide us with eggs and manure for the gardens…so many people don’t realize how much kitchen waste is accumulated. i think it’s awesome that joanne’s city is involved with this!! way to go!
    thanks again meredith…:)

  4. That sounds like a good plan, Meredith. I love the Haz. Waste Facility and how easy they make it for you – it’s like the Mickey D’s drive-thru of crap! Good luck with all your efforts.

  5. Water catchment. That has to be mine. We live in a drought-prone area, and it would serve us well to collect all the rain water we can during our short rainy season and save it for water the veggies in the summer.
    A water catchment system is my small change.

  6. Hi Meredith, It’s been ages since I’ve stopped over to say hello:( I hope you are well! I’m commenting on this particular post because I want to invite you to join in on the ‘garden bloggers sustainable living’ project I’m having on my blog. It involves writing a post about the ways you contribute to green living and sharing it, and then I have a giveaway along with it. It looks like you are already involved in this so why not add another one? Come on over! Let your friends know, too…the more the merrier;-) I can see you have been very busy. I love your Christmas projects with the seeds, beans, etc! Take care! Jan Just look near the top of my sidebar for info about this project. I’ve attached a link right near the top.

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