The Ever-Growing List

Lookee, lookee! Something new is on my sidebar. It’s a list of all the plants in my garden. Click there, or click here, and take a look!

It’s a work in progress, and as I add new plants, so will I add to the list. But at long last, I finally got off my tush and, well, sat on my tush, and typed up the list of plants. I’ve only finished adding scientific names for the Texas-native plants, but I will catch up on the others. Any other errors are purely accidental!

5 thoughts on “The Ever-Growing List

  1. definitely an inspiration my friend! i finally did it and got my national wildlife federation certification, thanks for the encouragement! now on to the texas state one and you are right, alot of work! so listing for me will be the first step of course, thanks for the inspiration..:)
    (still no flowers on cantaloupe…*sigh*)

  2. Yay, I’m glad you got your certification! Yes, the Texas one is a lot more involved, but I’ll do it someday. I wish I could just point them to my blog and say, “It’s all in there.” 😀

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