Eight Legs and Three Beaks

A bit of camouflage today.

This spider was not happy with the photographer. Bad hair day? Most likely mine.


And hidden in our shed, a nest with at least three baby birdies. The nest was just out of reach of any decent light (had to use a flash), and I really didn’t want to disturb the babies for too long just to try to get a better picture. They’ve grown so fast — I wish I had documented the stages.


If you look really closely and use your imagination, there’s evidence of three baby wrens in the nest. That big one on top is playing mama and keeping the other two warm, I guess!

Speaking of Mama Bird, she also was not happy with the photographer. Bad hair day strikes again!

I suppose technically that this post should have been Fourteen Legs and Three Beaks. Or Sixteen Legs and Four Beaks if you count Mama Bird. Papa Bird was around, too — now we’re up to Eighteen Legs and Five Beaks. Then there’s the photographer… Twenty Legs and Five Beaks and Two Lips. There ya go.

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