Cheers for Floral Pom-poms

goldenball04-16-12.jpgIt’s that time of year again when pom-pom blooms abound, and I can’t help but want to do a cheer.

goldenballb04-16-12.jpgSwaying gently in the breeze, the Goldenball Leadtree (Leucaena retusa) towers above my spineless Opuntia as a tall yet airy backdrop. Bright yellow pom-poms stand out against the evergreen foliage, an eye-catching combination. But perhaps most enticing of all, the Goldenball Leadtree’s fragrant nectar beckons bumblebees and butterflies to partake in its sweetness, and I can’t help but take a long whiff of the delightful aroma myself.

fragrantmimosa04-02-12.jpgFragrant Mimosa (Mimosa borealis) is a vision of delicate pink fluff.

fragrantmimosab04-02-12.jpgThe soft pink puffballs are a contrast to the sneaky thorns up and down the branches.

fragrantmimosac04-16-12.jpgI’m slightly behind in showing the photos of the Fragrant Mimosa in bloom — this week, it has already erupted in seedpods. Take a closer look above — even the seedpods have prickles. This makes both seed collecting and seed cleaning an adventure everytime.

huisacheb04-14-12.jpgLikewise, Huisache (Acacia farnesiana) beckons one over with its fragrant orange-gold blossoms, but watch out for its wicked thorns.

huisachec04-14-12.jpgAll over town, Huisache trees have been sharing their golden colors and intoxicating scent. It was tempting to bring one of these home from the Wildflower Center’s plant sale this past weekend, but I resisted, as I suspect my backyard is not an appropriate setting.

All are native Texas plants. The first two are in my garden, and the Huisache I admired at the Wildflower Center.

huisache04-14-12.jpg2-4-6-8, Pom-Poms I appreciate!

6 thoughts on “Cheers for Floral Pom-poms

  1. And they smell good! Actually, I can’t remember whether the Fragrant Mimosa has a scent. Darn, I’ll have to wait until it blooms again to find out!

  2. They remind me of Dr. Seuss, too — those cute little pink puffballs with the tiny yellow tips. Great minds think alike!

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