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Happy Go Clucky


Yesterday my family, aunt, and cousin enjoyed visiting several homes on Austin's second annual Funky Chicken Coop Tour. I'd been looking forward to it since I found out about the tour a week after it took place last year. It was certainly fun but not as funky as I'd envisioned -- after visiting the Cathedral of Junk last weekend I was really jived for some more Keep Austin Weirdness!

funkychickena04-03-10.jpgBut chickens are weird all in themselves, so I was content. And they're cute. Some are downright beautiful, actually -- gorgeous patterns and whatnot.


Some of the first chicken coops we visited were quite well designed.

funkychickenc04-03-10.jpgMy husband was a big fan of the sliding doors on this next chicken coop.


The inside of another chicken coop looked fun for the chickens, but by mid-afternoon it was quite hot in there, and most of the chickens were outside.

funkychickene04-03-10.jpgThis castle coop definitely qualified as funky. I can't say it was designed for practicality -- quite difficult to clean, but we spent more time at this house than any other. That says something!

funkychickenf04-03-10.jpgThe chickens loved the boys, who fetched them grass from around the yard.

funkychickeng04-03-10.jpgFlowers decorated the castle...

funkychickenh04-03-10.jpgAnd a peek inside revealed a framed picture to spark the chickens' imagination.

funkychickeni04-03-10.jpgOther nifty things about this castle coop were a large mailbox converted to a nesting box, and a doghouse as another one, and this bicycle-turned-waterwheel-and-fountain. There were even fish in the pond below.

funkychickenj04-03-10.jpg funkychickenk04-03-10.jpgSome of the chicken coops were large, like the one at Eastside Cafe. Of course, the gorgeous vegetable gardens distracted me. (This garden is worthy of a full blog tour sometime, too -- another visit, though.)


funkychickenm04-03-10.jpgBut their sister farm, also in East Austin, had 200 chickens, the largest number on the tour.

funkychickenn04-03-10.jpgThis stop sign added an element of the funky and functional. Would that make it funk-tional?

funkychickenp04-03-10.jpgAnd I liked this artwork from a recycled tire.


We finished the tour armed with ideas for our coop we plan to build this spring or summer. My primary requirement on our design -- it must be easy to clean (that automatically means it will be tall). But we want it to be fun and funky and funk-tional, too.

Happy Easter, everyone! Hope it was eggs-cellent!

I have more bad jokes to share with you, but I'm too chicken.

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